Irish Sea Moss for Black Lungs and Breathing Problems

Currently, Irish Sea mosses have been used widely in the health industry to help people with health problems. Chondrus crispus is a type of red algae that grows within north America, Europe, and in some parts of the Atlantic. Most of the research studies have proved the health benefits of Irish Sea mosses. They can help smokers and support them to recover their lungs to the normal stage. As Irish Sea mosses are considered as an herb and all the ingredients are safe this can be used to improve the health of smokers.

Although the community is educated regarding the bad health effects of smoking, even healthcare professionals still continue smoking. This is because of the addiction. The larger content of tobacco and tar is contain within the cigarette. It can make severe irreversible changes within our respiratory system. Tobacco reduces the ability of gas exchange within the lungs and reduces oxygen supply to vital organs throughout the body. The irreversible changes like lung fibrosis can not be recovered, but the progression can be suppress with the help of sea mosses. This can minimize the further damaging of the lung parenchyma.

Healthy normal lungs are elastic and they expand during inspiration and relaxes during expiration. This ability of the lung promotes gaseous exchange within alveoli. So the blood cells exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide and transport these oxygenated blood to the heart and then to the entire body. 

Changes due to smoking

During the inspiration, the volume of the lung cavity increases by several mechanisms. The diaphragm contracts, intercostal muscles move up and forward. Therefore the volume of the chest cavity increases and the pressure within the chest cavity drops down than the atmospheric pressure. As a result, the air enters the lungs along the pressure gradient. The air that enters the nasal cavity travel through the trachea, bronchus, and bronchioles and finally reaches alveoli sacs. Within the sacs, the gaseous exchange occurs. The deoxygenated gas moves out of the lungs and this is called expiration. The air that enters the lungs get filtered and humidified by the airway passage. The ciliated epithelium and mucous secreting goblet cells provide protection against foreign particles and microbes. They trap those and prevent entering the lungs.  Due to smoking, all the above processes get altered.

Both active and passive smoking can bring toxins to your lungs. One puff of cigarette can transport more than 7000 chemicals to your lungs which is the main reason for inflammations. Due to inflammatory reactions, the respiratory tract produces more secretions which lead to block the airways. Blocking of the airways makes it difficult to breathe and its courses to mucous accumulation increase the chances of getting respiratory infections and eventually lead to bronchitis, pneumonia, and coughing. Toxins and chemicals from smoking make the airways tight and inflamed so it becomes difficult to breathe and feel like a tight chest. As a result of inflammation, the lung tissues get damaged and they get to heal by forming excessive fibrosis and scar tissues. This reduces the elasticity within the lungs and reduces the surface area of alveoli. The accumulation of tar from smoking can make the lungs become black in color.

Nicotine that enters the airways damage ciliary epithelium and this increase the risk of respiratory tract infections. As a result of all of these changes the lung's capability to exchange gases will reduce and more carbon dioxide build-up within your lungs. This can put all the vital organs in trouble.

How sea mosses help smokers

Irish Sea moss is a natural herb rich in ninety-two minerals, antioxidants, omega three fatty acids, and thirteen vitamin categories. Omega-three fatty acids, potassium, and chlorophyll in Sea mosses act as natural decongestions and loosen the mucous, and aid in expectorations. The demulcent properties of Irish Sea mosses help to heal the inflamed respiratory tissues. This herb can provide immediate results in healing the inflamed tissues. The soothing properties of sea mosses remove excess mucous from the airways and provide a chance for more air to enter the lungs. This reduces coughing and breathing difficulties. So the lungs will receive enough oxygen for the exchange. As a result, the vital body organs will get enough oxygen for their functions. Removal of excessive mucous can reduce the risk of infections.

Irish Sea mosses boot our immunity and improve the ability to fight against infections. The loss of ciliary function and the accumulation of mucous can make a good growth medium for the microbes to grow and multiply. Smokers will have a lower immune system and as their immunity is weak they can not fight against infections. Regular consumption of sea mosses can help smokers to get rid of infections. By boosting immunity it can help the body to remove unwanted organism growth from the body.

This herb can fight against cancer cells. Smokers have a high risk of developing lung and oral cancers. Irish Sea mosses can suppress the growth of cancer cells. Consuming sea mosses can improve your lifespan.

Regular usage of sea mosses can help smokers to recover and this increases the quality of life. The Sea moss gel is tasteless and t can be easily taken without any bad feeling. Help the smokers to quit smoking and help them to recover as soon as possible. Sea moss is a herb that can help you in all aspects to protect the lungs. Vitamins, minerals, and other nutritious components will help to maintain normal lung functions and facilitate oxygenation of the entire body. Proteins within sea mosses will help the tissue repair and growth of new lung tissues. A good nutritional status is compulsory for the smokers to recover damage tissues and help to suppress the progression. Sea mosses can be prepared in different dishes according to your wish. Sea mosses can be used as an alternative therapy with the medicine to boost the recovery and also this can be used alone as a complementary method.