Sea Moss and Pets

Sea Moss and Pets

Irish Sea mosses are a type of seaweed found in coastal regions of the Atlantic, North America, and Europe. These mosses are considered herbal weeds as they have so many health benefits. They are used as food supplements and used as a gelatinizing agent in various preparations. Scientifically Irish Sea mosses are known as Chondrus crispus

Red color Sea mosses are edible and consist of various nutrients in it. They are rich in vitamins and minerals but low in calories. Pets are very companion to humans and they stay close to humans. Some of the pets follow similar food patterns as their guardians. But most of the time some of the food combinations may not be suitable for them and this can become toxic to their body. Therefore it is important to consider about their food habits and interactions. A good nutritional level is essential for the sustainable growth of your pet.

Since ancient times sea mosses have been using by humans to treat digestive problems, respiratory problems, heart diseases, thyroid dysfunctions, etc. These are rich in fiber, vitamins, iodine, and minerals. As this is very beneficial for humans you can offer this herbal product to your loving dog. This can bring various health benefits rather than being a diet. But unfortunately if your puppy consume extra sea mosses it can course problems like too much of anything that is not good for the health. Sea mosses can smoothen the digestive system, if the dog consumes an excessive quantity of sea mosses this can make troubles to the digestive system.

How to prepare Irish sea moss for the puppy.

Before giving it to your innocent dog, please make sure to dry the Irish sea mosses well and make a powder out of it. Then add a quarter teaspoon of this powder to the dog’s food and mix it. Sea mosses become like gelatin when they combine with water. So make sure not to administer an excessive amount of Sea moss powder to the dog. Because this can lead to intestinal obstruction. A small portion of Irish sea moss is enough to fulfill the nutritional need of your dog. If you need more clarifications please meet your veterinarian before giving the sea mosses to your pet.

Iodine requirement for dogs

Iodine is an important trace mineral that you need to provide for your dog. Irish Sea moss is a good natural source of iodine. As they are rich in iodine they can fulfill the daily iodine requirements. Iodine and sodium alginates containing in Irish sea mosses helps to purify the blood of the dog. If in any instance your dog start chewing sea moss don’t try to stop it. They naturally feel the requirement to have sea mosses when they have an upset stomach.

Iodine is essential in converting the stored calories into energy. So iodine can boost the energy production of the dogs at the same time iodine help them to store excess calories in the body. Iodine can maintain the basal metabolism, it can boost the metabolism and maintain the thyroid health. Iodine is essential in producing two main hormones from the thyroid gland. As in humans the dogs also utilize iodine in maintaining a healthy thyroid gland. So this can prevent developing hypothyroidism in dogs.

Benefits on pets

Help in the growth of the animals- Irish sea mosses contain all the important nutrients that are essential for the growth of the animals. Out of all the nutrients magnesium, iron and iodine plays a major role in the growth of the pets.

Improve immunity – We don’t want to see our pets get sick. So this is a herbal medication and a food supplement that we can add to our pet’s diet which helps to improve the immunity of the animals. Sea mosses can protect pets from infections and protect them and prevent falling sick.

Increase milk production – Sea mosses have a special ability to improve lactation. So consuming Sea mosses can improve the milk production and its quality. So the pets can feed their offspring well. The pets like beef cattle can improve their quality of the milk.

Improve hemoglobin production- Iron is an essential nutrient need for hemoglobin production. Good hemoglobin composition will always improve the oxygen transportation and keep the pets healthy.

Produce healthy baby pets – The required daily nutritional needs can be achieved by consuming sea mosses. So this can improve the birth quality of the pets and reduce mortality and the morbidity of the pets.

Improves the quality of eggs- Some pets lay eggs. The quality, quantity of the eggs can be improved by consuming sea mosses.

Growth of wool – As the sea mosses provide enough nutrients for the growth of the pets, they improve the wool quality and growth of sheep.

Reduce infertility – Infertility among pets can be reduce by maintain a healthy body. A good nutritional level can improve the health of the pets and can reduce the chronic diseases of the pets. So all these reasons can improve the fertility of the pets.

Improve bone density- Bone demineralization can occur due to nutritional deficiencies. Sea mosses are rich in calcium, magnesium, and other essential nutrients so these nutrients can improve the bone quality of the pets.